It is 2023, communication is key. Your media and technology solutions have its time to take them to the MAX!

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Are you Zoomed out? Try something new to give your viewers a simplified, cost effective and reliable way to reach your message. Get Started



Decentralized Storage, Ultimate Archive

What happens to your broadcast after the show? Tired of housing all those backups? Put them in the decentralized web. Web3 storage options including IPFS DCS, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) minted forever on the blockchain. Get Started



Need a production team?

Production management for local, national, special guests, and events both virtual and in person. Let us manage it for you so you can focus on the content.



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Take it to the max and go live with commercials, Metaverse experiences, events and more! We support it all. Connect to networks around the world.

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Join the decentralized storage revolution!

Decentralized Cloud Storage is a cost effective way to ensure your best episodes are stored without sacrificing accessibility including end to end encryption, blazing fast performance and distributed redundancy. Make memories that last forever by minting it on your choice of blockchain.

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Enter the Decentralized Metaverse

Have you thought about your livestream as a virtual experience? Enter the Metaverse with your podcast or livestream and open up your audience to a whole new way to experience your show. Connect for a quick consultaton.


Hire a Producer

Do you need help running the show? Hire a world renowned producer to help you execute so you can focus on your delivery and your guest speakers.

Our Showcase

MaxDistro Lineup

MaxDistro Original Programming is brought to you by MaxDistro and streaming on MaxDistro.Live and everywhere great shows are seen.

Marc & NiKole Show, Making of MaxDistro

Join Marc & NiKole as they embark on the adventure of making MaxDistro.


Meta Mind Shift Show by NiKole Maxwell

What is the Metaverse, who belongs here and why is it important? Get to know some of our specials guests, news, reviews and more!


Online Dinner Party with Marc Lee

Guess who is coming to dinner? A new guest every single week that's who. Join host Marc Lee for dinner and discussion with guests from every walk of life. Dinner is served!


Black Multiverse Skill Up

Black Multiverse Enterprises provides skill up training sessions with a new skillset every week. Enhance your business or develop your own skill set.


Black 'Verse Presents

Join NiKole Maxwell, Founder and our special guests as they present their community projects, initiatives for the future, decentralization and Web3.


Whats up in Web3 with NiKole & Marc Lee

She gets the tech, he gets the politics they both review the news. Find out what happened this week in Web3 with NiKole & Marc Lee.

Team MaxDistro

Founders NiKole Maxwell and Marc Lee teamed up to combine their decades of experience and love for technology, entertainment media and journalism to help creatives take their message to the MAX!
  Head of Distribution

NiKole Maxwell, CEO

NiKole is a "Decentralized Innovator" commited to uplifting unheard voices and empowering the unempowered for a better future in the Metaverse. This led her to create MaxDistro Worldwide as an bold resource for decentralization of information and access.

NiKole has an affinity for all things future and cultivates conversation around gaming, sci-fi and technology. Her metaverse consultancy, Technikole Consulting works on a local level with individuals and small businesses to help them discover the options for a decentralized future.

NiKole was dubbed the Goddess of the Metaverse and is one of the most sought after voices as a pioneer for the Metaverse virtual experiences, onboarding and information regarding Web3. She is the Executive Producer and Host of the “Meta Mind Shift Show” streaming to networks such as MaxDistro Worldwide, Roku, Hulu and YouTube broadcasting everywhere you can listen and see, including PodTv.

  Head of Production

Marc Lee, Co-CEO

Marc Lee has worked in the entertainment, media, and education field since he was a teenager. He is a true advocate, believing in the power of media as a source of education and empowerment.

Marc has worked with organizations like the Durham Blues Festival, Festival , Durham's MLK Parade and was on the planning committee for the Art of Cool Festival and has worked with The Road to the Apollo for more than 10 years and is the Lead Producer and Program Director for PodTv.

He comes from a family of activists and entrepreneurs as his parents started a community radio station and his grandmother started the first black library in Raleigh. His parent's station was called Voices Serving People and he definitely believes in this mantra even today and he can help make sure your voice is heard...

Marc Lee, Co-Founder
  • Road to the Apollo for more than 10 years
  • Lead Producer and Program Director for PODTV
  • Online Dinner Party, Executive Producer
  • Durham News, Columnist (7+ years)
  • (Unofficial) Minister of Culture, [Durham, NC]